MGP-SMC-June 2014 223Parents are encouraged to register an application well in advance of the admission year for their daughter.

Families are selected for interview based on the College Enrolment Policy detailed below.

The first point of contact for prospective families who are considering enrolling their daughter at Santa Maria College is Lesley Nowotny, Enrolments Officer. To contact the Enrolments Officer T: 6330 0373 or E: nowotny.lesley@santamaria.wa.edu.au.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main intake years at Santa Maria College?
Day Students: Years 5 and 7 and other years as numbers allow. Boarding Students: Years 7, 8 and 10 and other years as numbers allow.
When should I lodge an application?

It is never too early to lodge an application for your daughter. It is advisable to register an application well in advance of the entry year and interviews are conducted two years prior to the year of admission for all entry points except Year 5 where interviews are conducted one year prior to admission.

What are the entry procedures following submission of the Application for Admission Form?
A prospective student will be put on the College waiting list upon completion and return of the Application for Admission form, along with the Application Fee. Photocopies of the prospective student’s Birth and Baptismal Certificates and a completed Parish Priest reference form must accompany the application. If the prospective student was not born in Australia, please provide proof of her Australian Citizenship/Residency or Visa details. Siblings do not automatically gain entry to the College, this procedure must be followed for each girl in the family wishing to secure a place.
When do enrolment interviews take place for entry into Santa Maria College?
Year 5: One year prior to admission. Year 7: two years prior to admission Other Years: families on the wait list will be contacted if a vacancy becomes available.
How many students attend Santa Maria College?
Santa Maria College has 1240 students which includes 152 boarders. Years 5 – 6 classes have a maximum size of 24 students. Year 7 – 10 classes have a maximum size of 28 students. Years 11 – 12 classes are quite varied but with a maximum size of 25 students.
Is there a Boarding Community at Santa Maria College?

Santa Maria College has a residential Boarding Community consisting of 152 boarding students. Extensive details are found under the Board With Us Tab above.

Does Santa Maria College accept only Catholic students?

Santa Maria College is a Catholic school for students, both day and residential. Catholic students are prioritised for placement and girls from other denominations are considered subject to availability as shown in the College Enrolment Policy.

When are the Santa Maria College Tour Days?

Tour Mornings and Twilight Tours are conducted each term. Click here for details.

What languages does Santa Maria College offer?
Currently the Languages Program consists of Italian or French for Years 5 to 12. 
Does Santa Maria College offer a Music Program?

We have an extensive music program and in addition to music subjects offered, also provide the opportunity for individual instrumental and voice music tuition. There are a number of bands, choirs and ensembles students may participate in.

Does Santa Maria College have a brother school?

For parents seeking schools for their sons, Santa Maria College recommends Aquinas College, Salter Point or Christian Brothers College, Fremantle.

What happens if/when my daughter is offered a place at Santa Maria College?

Subsequent to interviews, families may be offered a place for their daughter. A letter of offer will be sent to you and you will have two weeks in which to accept the position by completion of the Confirmation of Enrolment Form and payment of the $900 confirming fee. This will secure your daughter’s future place.

Does Santa Maria College provide an Orientation Program?

The College Junior School, Secondary School and Boarding Community coordinate orientation programs for incoming new students the year prior to entry. Orientation for Year 5, Year 7, Year 8 and boarding students is generally held in November the year prior to commencement. Orientation for students new to the College in Years 9 -12 is conducted at the commencement of the school year.