Enhanced Learning Program

The Enhanced Learning Program has been developed by staff at Santa Maria College for our Middle School girls. It is the result of extensive research into the way early adolescent girls learn and perceive their world. It draws on an understanding of varying learning styles, processes of inquiry and the belief that every girl should be challenged to extend herself.

In each year of Middle School our girls leave the traditional curriculum and timetable and explore new ideas and skills. The projects are student-centered and challenging. We find that our girls go through a learning process that leaves them feeling empowered and justifiably proud of their achievements.

Year 7


Using the topic of Water and Sustainability, students are guided through a process of credible research and creative problem solving. A cross-curricular approach involving all Learning Areas, makes this a hands-on and engaging project.

Year 8


Students are involved in a two week program of guest speakers and skill development sessions. It culminates in a self-directed project focused on Improving Australia’s Future, that is shared with staff and family members. Based on the Inquiry Process, this award winning program is highly interactive and a highlight of the academic year.

Year 9


Students develop an understanding that they can play a role in their local community by embracing the opportunity to act and make a difference. Through a student-organised community project, they are taught the value of participating in the lives of others in a selfless manner.