Santa Maria College recognises the innate dignity of each individual and aims to provide opportunities to cater for the unique gifts and talents of all students. To this end we have designed an exciting and unique curriculum for our academically gifted students. It aims to meet the specific needs and interests of girls who need to be challenged.

IGNITE was launched in 2014 with a Junior School Program and a Middle School Program. Each is made up of a variety of ten week units that provide opportunities for creative, high-order, lateral-thinking and problem-solving activities, where each student has the flexibility to develop her particular strengths.  These exciting courses provide opportunities in the areas of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and the Creative Arts. All units challenge students beyond their comfort zone in a supportive environment.

Other Academic Extension Opportunities offered at Santa Maria College are provided within the general curriculum and in our Enhanced Learning Program which pushes the boundaries of the curriculum for all of our students. Many co-curricular activities also provide extension. These may include Maths Challenge, Creative Writing Club, Petite Picasso, Tournament of Minds and many others as described in the attached IGNITE Booklet.