Middle School

The goal at Santa Maria College is to excite and stimulate young adolescents to become self-directed, independent problem solvers, capable of thinking critically and developing opinions on issues. This requires a curriculum that provides opportunities for students to focus on their talents, extend their learning experiences and empower them to reach their full potential.

The foci of learning in the Middle School is:

  • A broad based curriculum based on Australian Curriculum
  • Student-centred activities
  • Collaboration
  • Opportunities for challenge and success
  • Integration of technology into all Learning Areas

Our electives cater for a range of interests, all students study a language in Years 7 and 8, with contemporary electives such as Myth Busters, Sportsfun, Science Quest, Marine Studies and Design being very popular with students.

The Enhanced Learning Program is a unique aspect of our Middle School curriculum.  It breaks the boundaries of the traditional timetable and provides stimulating opportunities for all students to explore and participate in their global community.  


Middle School Handbook

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