Senior School

In Senior School students are empowered to take responsibility for their own learning and to develop a strong sense of independence, responsibility for self and commitment to choices.

Senior School begins with students in Year 10 developing appropriate study habits, trying a range of revision strategies and completing their first formal examinations. In addition to choosing electives, students in Year 10 are able to make choices about the units they would like to study in Science and Humanities & Social Sciences.

Year 10 builds the foundation for study in Years 11 and 12 where two very successful pathways of study are offered. Approximately 85% of students study an ATAR Pathway, enabling direct entry to university. Meanwhile, approximately 15% of students undertake an ACCESS Pathway enabling entry to TAFE, employment or possibly alternate entry to university. A wide selection of courses are offered and more information is available in the Years 11 & 12 Curriculum Handbook.

A feature of our Senior School is that Year 12 Courses begin in Term 4 of Year 11. Students remaining at school for an additional five weeks provides a very effective starting point for Year 12 courses.

Through our extensive course counselling and mentoring programs the College works to maximise success for each individual in both ATAR and ACCESS pathways. An excellent system has been implemented in Senior School to track students to ensure they are on the correct pathways and also receive the necessary assistance.

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2017 Year 10 Curriculum Handbook

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2017 Years 11 & 12 Curriculum Handbook

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