Technology at Santa Maria

Santa Maria has run a successful 1:1 laptop program since 2010. All students are issued with a MacBook Air laptop that is theirs for use at all times. The laptop is used as a learning tool across all curriculum areas. Students learn when the use of technology is appropriate and how it can be used most powerfully. They are also taught how to use technology safely.

Parents pay a technology levy with their school fees to pay for the scheme. The College purchases the laptops and software and ICT Services runs a very successful maintenance program. In most cases if a machine is faulty it is repaired within twenty-four hours and students are able to use a loan machine while they are waiting for their own to be fixed. This means all students have a laptop for all classes and are never without this valuable educational tool.

In addition to their laptop the College also encourages students and staff to use other technology to help in the learning process. Therefore Smartboards, Smart phones and tablets are also supported by our network and can be used as an adjunct to student learning.

We aim to use technology seamlessly in all learning situations and not as an item in its own right. We have found that our current processes make this possible.