House System

Students are allocated a House group upon admission to the College. These Houses form a significant part of the pastoral care program.  A student’s House provides her with a strong sense of community. Whist the Junior School class grouping are comprised of a mix of House members, in the Middle and Senior Schools girls are divided into Homeroom groups on the basis of their House. These Homerooms provide a more intimate community and a ‘home’ in the College. Girls remain in the same House for the time they are at the College.

The Houses also provide a platform for competing for the annual Catherine McAuley Shield. This competition is comprised of athletics, swimming, cross country, drama, debating, public speaking and other activities in which the girls can be involved.

The eight Houses are named after the group of Sisters of Mercy which arrived in Perth on 8 January 1846 to establish the first Mercy Foundation in Australia.