Mercy Wellbeing Program

The Mercy Wellbeing Program sets Santa Maria College apart from other schools. It is a carefully structured and planned approach to pastoral care for all students from Year 5 through to Year 12.

The ultimate aim of the program is to furnish girls with the skills to:

  • strengthen their relationships
  • build positive emotions
  • enhance personal resilience
  • promote mindfulness and
  • live a healthy lifestyle.

We hope that these skills will enable them to value themselves and those around them, and to make a difference in their world.

The Junior, Middle and Senior Schools each have a tailor-made curriculum of experiences and lessons that are designed to meet the needs of their particular stage of development. Together they form a supported journey through this period of their lives.

Junior School
Begin. Connect

A strong sense of wellbeing, belonging and security, that affirms students in their dignity and worth is the basis of the Mercy Wellbeing Program in the Junior School. This focus assists students in achieving their full potential as a human person: physically, socially, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

Characteristics of positive wellbeing are promoted through class discussions and activities, as well as healthy lifestyle choices offered in Health classes which cover:

  • Lifestyle and Environment Health
  • Mental and Emotional Health
  • Self-Management and Interpersonal Skills

Year level retreat days are designed to address age appropriate issues of connectedness and a sense of belonging:

Year 5 – Begin

‘We’re All in This Together’, looks at building community and a sense of belonging. It also examines what it means to make a commitment to one another.

Year 6 – Connect

‘Branching Out’, explores acknowledging values and realising strengths, having the courage to face change and moving forward together.

Camp in Year 6 recognises that opportunities are needed to build independence and resilience within a safe and secure environment.

Each Junior School teacher cultivates not only a supportive relationship with each child, but also with the family. Close communication with parents is vital to understanding the needs of each child. Our experienced staff complement each other in caring for students within a supportive and caring atmosphere.

Middle School
Belong. Explore. Strive

Middle School aims to ensure every student feels a sense of belonging, can explore new ideas and activities and strives to achieve to their potential in all areas.

A sense of belonging is vital to an adolescent’s self esteem and resilience. There are countless opportunities for girls to explore who they are and whom they might become in the Middle School. The Mercy Wellbeing Program, allows the girls to develop emotionally, physically, spiritually and academically.

Girls at Santa Maria are encouraged and supported in striving to be the best they can be. We believe the best they can be are women who embody the College Values: Hospitality, Compassion, Justice, Service and Excellence.

The focus of the Middle School Mercy Well Being Programs are the themes of Belonging, Exploring and Striving for excellence which are facilitated through activities which are based on;

  • Friendship & Team Building
  • Resilience
  • Independence
  • Leadership
  • Mindfulness
  • Positivity & Optimism
  • Leadership
  • Problem Solving
  • Kindness
Senior School
Flourish. Empower. Positive Change.

The Senior School contribution to the Mercy Wellbeing Program draws on the philosophy of Dr Martin Seligman’s Positive Education and our Mercy values; developing resilience, optimism, courage, perseverance and a confident belief in individual strengths.

Year 10
As girls progress to the senior school new challenges are met as girls begin to consider their future choices and to develop new perspectives on their lives. This program provides the space to consider these challenges and to develop the skills to flourish effectively in a relaxed student centred environment.

 Year 11
The Empowering Young Women program seeks to consider the opportunities and challenges women face in the world today. Through a series of presentations from previous Santa Maria women, issues of career, family, social justice, relationships and balance are explored through the life experiences of the guest presenters.

Year 12
The Positive Change program seeks to prepare girls in their final year at the College for life after Santa Maria. The girls explore key issues such as financial literacy, gap years, university options, career options, buying a car, skills for coping with Year 12 and preparing for life beyond Santa Maria College.

Santa Maria College is a member of the Positive Education in Schools Association (PESA), an association which aims to work with schools to lead and promote the science of wellbeing and positive psychology, enabling all students, schools and communities to flourish.