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Issue 16, 2015
6 November 2015

From the Principal

Dear Parents

Last week we conducted the Year 12 Valedictory Assembly followed by a Graduation Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral and a sit down meal for parents, graduates and staff at the Hyatt Regency. It is a special day and something for all parents to look forward to. The Year 12 Award winners were presented at the Valedictory Assembly and our Special Award winners are featured below.

Isabella Cammarano
Performing Arts Award

Taylor Butcher
ACCESS Dux Runner-Up

Kate Enright

Nicole Vester
Sportswoman of the Year

Georgina Guidi

Melissa Hall
Principal’s Award

Maddison Moulin
Music Award

Paige Spence
ATAR Dux Runner-Up

Kate Wilkes
OGA Mercy Award

Dominique Douglas-Smith

All Year 12 award recipients are listed in the Curriculum section of this newsletter.

Mr Ian Elder, Principal


Valedictory Mass

Matthew 5: 13 – 16

“You are the salt of the earth; but if salt has lost its taste, how can its saltiness be restored? It is no longer good for anything, but is thrown out and trampled underfoot.

You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hid. No one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house.

In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.”

The scripture passage above was the Gospel chosen for the Year 12 Valedictory Mass held on Monday 26 October at St Mary’s Cathedral.  This message and the quotation below was used to articulate the theme the graduates were farewelled with. Best wishes to the girls as they go out into the world well-armed with strong mercy values. The candles carried from the Cathedral by each student symbolised the passing on of the mercy light and the challenge to let their light shine to the world.

“You not only have a great history to remember and to recount but also a great history still to be accomplished. Look to the future to where the Spirit is sending you to do even greater things” (St. John Paul II). 

I congratulate all graduates and wish them all the very best for the future.

The Valedictory celebrations mark not only the end of schooling for the students but the end for many parents of the close connection they hold with the school as a volunteer.

Parent Network

The Parent Network, a special interest group of the Parent Council, has provided the College with great support, building community by extending hospitality to all members of the College Community. Three ladies who have given many hours of service to the College and whose daughters graduated this year are Leonie Nagle, Deb Ferraro and Tryphena Simons. Deb and Tryphena have organised countless coffee mornings, sundowners and other social functions each year since their daughters were in Year 7; a very special thank you to Leonie, Deb and Tryphena.

I would also like to pay tribute to the Parent Network Coordinators and Year Representatives. After a very busy year, the group celebrated the end of their year with a dinner in the Mercy Community Room on Wednesday 21 October. Thank you to the following people for providing hospitality at College events and organising social activities for other parents.

Junior School Coordinators: Colleen Morris & Giselle Brisbane

Middle School Coordinator: Audrey Hebiton
Year 7 Representatives: Tracey Lim & Jackie Kang
Year 8 Representatives: Barbara Petite, Katrina Robinson, Paula Gibbs
Year 9 Representatives: Helen McQuie & Jacinta O’Connor

Senior School Coordinators: Libby Wilkes & Leonie Nagle
Year 10 Representatives: Justine Hutchinson & Ruth Watson
Year 11 Representatives: Michelle Gorringe & Carolyn Sharpe
Year 12 Representatives: Tryphena Simons & Deb Ferraro

Many of these ladies have offered to continue in their roles as coordinator or year representatives but we do welcome further volunteers.

Mrs Helen Chaffer, Deputy Principal, Mission


Year 12 Awards

At our Valedictory Assembly on Monday 28 October the following awards were presented to Year 12 students. The following students are to be congratulated on their outstanding achievements.

Academic Excellence Awards

The Santa Maria Academic Excellence Awards are presented to students who have achieved a minimum of ten year long “A” grades during their studies in Years 11 and 12.

Emily Bell
Tiana Bergmans
Lauren Bright
Taylor Butcher
Rylee Della Bosca
Dominique Douglas-Smith
Kelsey Drennan
Katherine Enright
Gemma Ferraro
Georgina Guidi
Georgina Hollingworth
Caitlyn Kelly
Brittany Kent
Chloe McKenna
Monique Miller
Grace Nagle
Jenna Nagle
Chloe Nolan
Kirstie O’Connor
Claire Palandri
Emilie Pitts
Eleanor Rogerson
Paige Spence
Isabella Tolardo
India Van Der Wielen
Nicola Vester

VET Certificate Awards
Name Qualification
Emily Bell Certificate II in Dance
Isabella Cammarano Certificate II in Dance
Clancy Micale Certificate II in Dance
Taylah Comerford Certificate II in Hospitality
Hannah Gray Certificate II in Hospitality
India Van Der Wielen Certificate II in Hospitality
Jordi Allardyce Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation
Taylor Butcher Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation
Sophie Craddock Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation
Rylee Della Bosca Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation
Ellie Duncan Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation
Kayla Ferraz Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation
Hannah Gray Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation
Madison Hunter Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation
Kathleen Naisbitt Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation
Carrie Taylor Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation
Kirstie O’Connor Certificate II in Retail Make-Up & Skin Care
Emily Gale Certificate II in Retail Services
Danielle Micalizzi Certificate II in Retail Services
Rebecca McIntyre Certificate II in Tourism
Tessa Moore Certificate III in Aviation
Josephine Barbera Certificate III in Education Support
Isabella Brenzi Certificate III in Education Support
Holly Breustedt Certificate III in Education Support
Taylor Butcher Certificate III in Education Support
Milla Callope Certificate III in Education Support
Sydney Hardwick Certificate III in Education Support
Madison Hunter Certificate III in Education Support
Clancy Micale Certificate III in Education Support
Leena Paparella Certificate III in Education Support
India Van Der Wielen Certificate III in Health Services Assistance
Jacinta Pelc Certificate III in Media
Jordi Allardyce Certificate IV in Business
Emily Anderson Certificate IV in Business
Kellie Bissett Certificate IV in Business
Simone Cowcher Certificate IV in Business
Rylee Della Bosca Certificate IV in Business
Claudia Di Virgilio Certificate IV in Business
Fleur Dias Certificate IV in Business
Gemma Ferraro Certificate IV in Business
Georgina Guidi Certificate IV in Business
Kristie Lee Certificate IV in Business
Danielle Micalizzi Certificate IV in Business
Jasmine Nunis Certificate IV in Business
Georgie O’Neil Certificate IV in Business
Montana Reid Certificate IV in Business
Angela Ryan Certificate IV in Business
Georgiana Tiede Certificate IV in Business
Sydney Hardwick Certificate IV in Education Support
Madison Hunter Certificate IV in Education Support
Clancy Micale Certificate IV in Education Support
Daniella Auriemma Certificate IV in Preparation for Nursing Education
Kelsey Drennan Certificate IV in Preparation for Nursing Education
Kayleen Russell Certificate IV in Preparation for Nursing Education
Alicia Varone Certificate IV in Preparation for Nursing Education

Mrs Jennifer Oaten, Deputy Principal, Teaching & Learning

Course Awards

The Year 12 Subject Awards are presented to the student who achieves the highest results in each course.

Name Subject
Georgina Guidi Religion & Life 1C/1D
Business Management & Enterprise 1C/1D
Career & Enterprise 1C/1D
English 1C/1D
Integrated Science 1C/1D
Mathematics 1E/2A
Grace Nagle Religion & Life
Economics 3A/3B
Claire Palandri Religion & Life 3A/3B
Human Biological Science 3A/3B
Lauren Bright Accounting & Finance 3A/3B
Emily Ferreira Applied Information Technology 3A/3B
Georgina Hollingworth Biological Sciences 3A/3B
Geography 3A/3B
Yale Steinepreis Biological Sciences 3A/3B
Caitlyn Kelly Business Management & Enterprise 3A/3B
Mathematics 2C/2D
Paige Spence Chemistry 3A/3B
Physics 3A/3B
Rebecca Costanzo Children, Family & Community 1C/1D
Emily Bell Dance 3A/3B
Politics & Law 3A/3B
Isabella Cammarano Drama 3A/3B
Georgiana Tiede English 2C/2D
Eleanor Rogerson English 3A/3B
Dominique Douglas-Smith French 3A/3B
Literature 3A/3B
Mathematics 3C/3D
Mathematics Specialist 3C/3D
Tiana Bergmans Italian 3A/3B
Katherine Enright Literature 3A/3B
Modern History 3A/3B
Rebecca McIntyre Materials Design &Technology 1C/1D
Gelsa Cinanni Mathematics 2C/2D
Lucy Simons Mathematics 3A/3B
Jerri-anne Yap Mathematics 3A/3B
Maddison Moulin Music 1C/1D
Kayla Ferraz Outdoor Education 1C/1D
Abbey Grosse Physical Education Studies 3A/3B
Chloe Nolan Visual Arts 3A/3B
Alicia Varone Workplace Learning 1B/1C
House Awards
Byrne House Award Emma Gooderson
Corbett House Award Katherine Wilkes
de la Hoyde House Award Elizabeth Curtin
Dillon House Award Sarah Kenny
Frayne House Award Ciara Browne
Kelly House Award Jordana Tonner
O’Donnell House Award Emilie Pitts
O’Reilly House Award Bridey Eggleton

Student Life

Junior School




On Thursday 29 October, the Year 5 students accompanied by their Homeroom and PE teachers set off for an Athletics carnival at Penrhos College. The girls competed against students from the other seven all girls’ Colleges in Perth. The students had been prepared for the disciplines of track and field and team ball games. They performed very creditably. The students stayed for lunch at Penrhos College and enjoyed the conviviality of joining with other school communities.

The Year 6 Athletics Carnival was held on Monday 2 November at the State Athletics Centre. Santa Maria College was the host of this event and the girls also participated in track and field as well as team ball games. The students were a credit to the College and came away with the pennant for the school who performed most admirably on the day.

Congratulations to the students and staff!!

Mrs Andrea Dopson, Head of Junior School

Middle School

Christmas Kindness Project

Santa Maria College students are blessed. They have the blessing of attending a great school and are provided with great experiences and relationships during their days at school. But how can we make their days and their relationships even better?

The girls do not have to have Kris Kringles or Secret Santa presents to show their peers, friends, family and their teachers that they have enjoyed their year with them. Instead they can be part of the Christmas Kindness Project!

The Christmas Kindness Project invites all Middle School students, all teachers and other students, staff and community members of the College to take part in practising at least one act of Christmas Kindness each day for the final three weeks of the school year. Practise random acts of Kindness!

Middle School Events

Year 7 Activity Afternoon with Aquinas, Friday 13 November
Year 7 and new Year 8 2016 Orientation, Friday 20 November
Year 9 Camps and Transition to Senior School programs, Weeks 7 & 8
Middle School Awards Night, Monday 30 November

Mrs Tracy Webster, Head of Middle School

Senior School

Year 11

Last week, Year 11 students completed their Year 11 to 12 Transition interviews, with each student meeting with a senior staff member to discuss their progress for the year and reflect on study strategies and ways to improve their learning going forward. Mrs Helen Chaffer, Deputy Principal, Mission, on behalf of the College, gave students the gift of a red hatband. The hatband is a new initiative that identifies Year 12 students as the senior group in the College and is to be worn as a symbol of the leadership they will endeavour to show in all aspects of College life as a model to younger students.

On Monday 2 November, Year 11 students officially commenced study of their Year 12 courses. This was a busy time; with new timetables and class changes, the students have made a wonderful transition. The commencement of Year 12 was also marked with the Official Opening of the Year 12 Alfresco area, which is set aside as a special gathering place for Year 12 students. This area will be an important place for students to relax and unwind throughout their final year at the College and we hope that they will form some fond memories of their time spent there with friends.

Miss Rebecca Waterhouse, Head of Year 11

Year 12 Final Day

Friday 23 October was most definitely a day to remember and a highlight of the year. There was a vast array of dress-up costumes on display from Kiss to Nat Fyfe, as the girls gathered to celebrate their final day.

House farewells in the morning were followed by morning tea on the Terrace. It was wonderful to be a part of the comradery; there was a great sense of community.

This was followed by the main event of the day, the Year 12 Farewell Concert and parade of costumes.

The Year 11 skits were of a high quality. With ‘Ana Ika and Kathryn Haigh as MCs, there was never a dull moment. Combining with the Year 11s and bringing another level of hilarity to the stage, were the House Coordinators and College Management Team with acts that were extremely humorous, and a warm tribute to the 2015 Cohort.

The Year 12s have now commenced the WACE Examinations. We wish them the best of luck and remind them that all of their hard work can now finally be utilised to the fullest.

Mr Paul Morris, Head of Year 12



















































































Our Year 12 boarders are quietly going about the business of final revision and sitting their long awaited exams. The girls will be missed from Boarding, but we know they hold an excited anticipation of venturing out into the wide world beyond Santa Maria College.

The farewell Mass for the Year 12 Boarders was very moving. Sincere thanks to Father Hugh, Mrs Chaffer and Mrs Hickling who assist us in celebrating Mass each week throughout the year, not just at this time, while farewelling our senior girls. At the farewell Mass our principal, Mr Ian Elder presented Freya Walsh with a certificate from the Knights of the Southern Cross in acknowledgement of her commitment to the Catholic Faith, which was a very fitting way for our College Liturgy Captain to finish her days in Boarding. We wish all of these young women God’s rich blessings and a desire to seek His will in all their undertakings.

Our wonderful young cricketers had their first taste of victory last weekend, a close and exciting finish and congratulations to the team. Summer hockey continues and well done to the girls who participate in this. We are undertaking a volleyball competition with Aquinas, St Brigid’s and Guildford Grammar this weekend and I know the girls involved are looking forward to this event.

Halloween has been and gone. It provides a wonderful opportunity for dressing up, and the girls do this well. It brings a little energy and change to our daily routines.

The next big event on our calendar is the weekend of 20 November, our Orientation Weekend, when the girls go to amazing efforts to ensure our incoming boarders and their families feel welcomed. Parents are reminded this is a closed weekend.

Ms Linda Bulloch, Head of Boarding














































From the College Psychologist

Click here for a back-to-basics online course in calm, common-sense, connected parenting with Maggie Dent ‘9 Things in 9 weeks online course’.


T: Fremantle 93356333 W:

Headspace is the National Youth Mental Health Foundation providing early intervention mental health services to 12-25 year olds. The service is designed to make it easy as possible for a young person and their family to get the help they need for problems affecting their wellbeing. This covers four core areas: mental health, physical health, work and study support and alcohol and other drug services.  The services can be accessed through headspace centres, or there is an online counselling service at eheadspace .

What is a Headspace Centre?

Headspace Centres are located across metropolitan, regional and rural areas of Australia. Centres are built and designed with input from young people so they don’t have the same look or feel as other clinical services. At Headspace you can access the type of health worker you need. This could be a GP, psychologist, social worker, alcohol and drug worker, counsellor, vocational worker or youth worker. A number of centres also have Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workers, welfare workers and family therapists.  If you don’t have a Headspace centre nearby or you don’t feel ready to visit a centre, Headspace provides confidential online and telephone support service and is open between 9.00 am and 1.00 am seven days a week.


Services at a Headspace Centre are either free, or have a low cost. You can ask if there is a cost when you make your appointment. Some services require you to have a referral from a doctor but don’t worry, Headspace can help you with this as well – just ask your local centre what to do.


When you talk to a Headspace worker what you say is kept confidential. This means nothing you say can be passed on to anyone else without your permission. However there are a couple of exceptions. If Headspace is seriously worried about your safety or the safety of someone else, they must, by law, try to keep everyone safe. This means they might have to share their concerns with someone else.

Ms Chris Machell, College Psychologist

For Parents

Save the Date

2015 Awards Ceremonies

Please save the following dates for the 2015 Awards Ceremonies. These are compulsory College events for all students.
The Awards Evenings are held in the McDonald Building at Santa Maria College and all parents are invited to attend.

Junior School
Tuesday 1 December 6.30 pm

Middle School
Monday 30 November 6.30 pm
With the Explore8 Enriched Learning Task viewing in the Plaza, from 5.00 pm until the start of the Awards Night.

Senior School (Years 10 & 11)
Thursday 3 December 6.30 pm

Booking information will be given to parents soon.

MacBook replacement 2015

All the student MacBooks are being replaced during November and December 2015. The new model is a MacBook Air 13”. Clear, shock absorbent protective covers will be supplied with the MacBooks.

A few points need to be noted to ensure a smooth transition for your daughters.

  • Backup – girls need to backup any data they wish to transfer to their new MacBook before they hand back their current MacBook
  • Any damage to the MacBook or charger needs to be brought to the attention of the ICT Services staff before the changeover.
  • MacBooks, chargers and cables need to be clean.
  • Students will need their Smartcard when picking up their new MacBook

 Ms Veronica Kerr, Manager of ICT Services

What should parents know about Tumblr?

Tumblr is an unending streaming scrapbook of text, photos, videos, and audio clips. Click here for some great information to parents in regards to kids use of Tumblr.

Good Samaritan Sisters Rural Outreach Fundraising Afternoon Tea.
Please come along and bring a friend and enjoy entertainment, Christmas gifts table, raffles, lucky door prizes and much more and you will be supporting: Boarding and education of Aboriginal Students at Nagle College Geraldron; Motivation Programs for Primary school attendance; Retreats and Programs for rural and remote women and communities.

Saturday 14 November 2015 2.00 pm – 4.30 pm in the Pater Noster Parish Hall, 460 Marmion St, Myaree. Entry is by donation to raise funds for this important outreach to rural and remote people.

Telephone Penny Carroll on 0419709437 or email to for further information.

Boarding, Sport and Dance photographs

Parents are advised that Boarding, Sport and Dance photographs are now available online to view and purchase by following the steps below.

Go to
Click on the Santa Maria College logo
Enter password :  murg15