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Friday 4 September 2015 , Issue 13

From the Principal


Consilii Centre Opening

Last week the Consilii Centre, dedicated to the teaching and learning of Science and Humanities & Social Sciences, was blessed and officially opened.

The building was named after Sister Consilii Flynn, a Sister of Mercy, and former Principal who spent sixty years living and working at the College. The ceremony included a beautiful tribute to Sister Consilii by her niece, Mary Power, and Deputy Principal, Helen Chaffer. The building was blessed by the Most Reverend Donald Sproxton, Auxiliary Bishop of Perth and the building was officially opened in an address by Dr Michael Chaney, Chancellor of the University of Western Australia. We were joined by many of the Sisters of Mercy. The College choir performed two unaccompanied pieces, which were a highlight. Refreshments with an international, scientific touch followed the ceremony.


























































Year 12 Leadership Council 2016

Elections for the Year 12 leadership positions for 2016 have now been completed and I am very pleased to announce the following.


2016 Leadership Positions
Head Girl ‘Ana Ika
Deputy Head Girl Kathryn Haigh
Head Boarder Stephanie Gooch
Deputy Head Boarder Emma Ryan
Academic Captain Lucinda Cahill
Cultural Captain Demi Bradford
Liturgy Captain Peta Arrindell
Media Captain Emily Quan
Music Captain Karla Fernandes
Performing Arts Captain Ashleigh Hebiton
Service Captain Samantha Romeo
Sports Captain Sofie Pontre
Visual Arts Captain Joanne Cooney


House Captains
Byrne Abbey Agostino & Anna Bodlovich
Corbett Ella Gorringe & Jessica Piper
de la Hoyde Hannah Ithier & Molly Foss
Dillon Arianne McKenna & Gemma Sharp
Frayne Sophia La Macchia & Jayne Grigson
Kelly Emma Walker & Melody Tan
O’Donnell Bronte Winterbottom & Madeleine Revitt
O’Reilly Bronte Barber & Renee Sumich

The new position of Academic Captain has been introduced for 2016, as a result of seeking feedback from our senior students. The Academic Captain is responsible for promoting the value of ‘personal best’ in academic pursuits across the College, raising awareness of academic activities within the College and beyond, coordinating the Academic Triathlon, assisting with Peer Tutoring, mentoring high academic achieving students and assisting with the promotion of Learning Area Weeks. Considerable interest was shown in the position with a large number of applications received.

I wish our 2016 leaders all the best in their new roles.

Best Wishes and God Bless

Mrs Jennifer Oaten, Acting Principal


Sister Liz Dowling

On Monday 31 August, twenty-three staff attended a voluntary staff retreat in the Mercy Community Room facilitated by Sister Liz Dowling, a Sister of Mercy and theologian. During the first session from 4.30 pm – 6.00 pm Sister Liz guided staff through an exploration of several of Catherine McAuley’s letters, in order to gain new insights into Catherine and the beginnings of the Sisters of Mercy.  This provided participants with background knowledge to the charism of Mercy.

Following dinner Sr Liz provided the staff with an opportunity for reflection, as they undertook an exploration of Mary’s song, the Magnificat, from Luke 1:46-55. This allowed participants to reflect on God’s action in their own life, in the world, and on the need for God’s mercy. Participants were invited to write their own prayer/Magnificat.

Sister Liz Dowling BSc, Dip Ed (Melb), Grad Dip Ed (RE) (ACU), BTheol, TheolM, DTheol (MCD), is a lecturer in the School of Theology within the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy at the Australian Catholic University. She lectures in Biblical Studies with a particular focus on the Gospels. Her doctoral research was in the area of the Gospel of Luke. She is interested in feminist and ecological hermeneutical approaches to biblical interpretation.

IMG_0045Paul Dillon Parent Forum

For many parents, Paul Dillon requires no introduction, as they have either heard him speak previously, or their daughters have reported in detail his talk to them. Paul Dillon has been working in the area of drug education for the past twenty-five years. On Wednesday 2 September, parents of students in Middle and Senior School were invited to attend his latest talks for parents. Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 listened to Paul during the day.

During his talk, Paul not only gave the latest figures and most relevant information for teenagers, and parents of teenagers, in relation to alcohol and drug use, but he shares a very positive message. He affirmed to both teenagers and parents, that they are on the right track, that teenagers do make good decisions and that not everyone is drinking excessively, taking drugs or leading a life that is a one-way road to destruction. However, he also did stress the need to be aware, informed, act responsibly and look after each other.

For people who did not attend I highly recommend you go onto his website where there is valuable information, not only information on drugs and alcohol, but also useful parenting tips.

Father’s Day Mass and Breakfast

On Thursday 3 September the Santa Maria College chapel was full, as fathers and grandfathers joined the Year 7 students at the annual Father’s Day Mass. Following Mass a light breakfast was held for guests in the Mercy Community Room. Celebrated by Father Sean Fernandez, the Mass provided an opportunity to affirm fathers and the very special role they have in their daughter’s lives.











































Just Leadership

On Thursday 3 September, the Year 9 Just Leadership students went to John XXIII College for a Caritas workshop, along with students from seven other Catholic schools around Perth. Below is a report by Ruby Maverick (Year 9, de la Hoyde) who attended.

Mrs Helen Chaffer, Deputy Principal, Mission

Throughout the morning, we learnt about poverty, what it means to be in poverty and how we can make a difference not just in Australia but globally as well. We listened to some very eye opening information and statistics, for example, 9.2% of people in Western Australia are living in poverty. Another important topic addressed in the workshop was the encyclical letter of Pope Francis, ‘Laudato Si’. This encyclical letter is about connecting religion with climate change and how we can take better care of the environment for the future. We thought the Caritas workshop was a very worthwhile, enjoyable and thought provoking experience and we look forward to spreading awareness about these issues. 

Ruby Maverick (Year 9, de la Hoyde)



Italian Dinner

The topic this term in Year 8 Italian is Buon Appetito! Students have been learning about Italian food and coffee culture by exploring the delights of what foods and drinks are on offer at an Italian Pizzeria and Bar. The Italian dinners held at Numero Uno Caffe in East Fremantle in Week 5, also allowed these students to experience a delicious Italian meal consisting of gnocchi alla Napoletana, cotoletta di pollo con pattatine ed insalata. Dessert was a choice of a vanilla or chocolate ice cream cone, but only if ordered in in their very best Italian! A fun and very satisfying evening was had by all. Grazie!


On Thursday 27 August, the Santa Maria Dance Troupes performed at the IGSSA Dance Festival. The girls have been working solidly for the last two terms on a Middle and Senior School item for this annual event.

Below, Performing Arts Captain, Isa Cammarano reflects upon her time as an IGSSA Dancer.

Ms Amanda Huxtable, Director of Performing Arts


We are very lucky to have the opportunity to work with Bernie Bernard, a professional choreographer who has worked extensively in the industry in Perth and abroad. Not only do we get the chance to learn from such a creative expert but we also have the opportunity to workshop our own material, to gain a deeper insight into choreography and dance. Each year Bernie has delivered fun and quirky pieces, which are always stand out performances at the IGSSA festival. 

Isabella Cammarano (Year 12, Kelly)

Performing Arts Captain

Maths Week

Maths Week was organised by our Year 11 Maths Specialist students and was a lot of fun.  Below is a reflection of the week.


Code Breaking: Codes were made by the Year 7 IGNITE students, which consisted of a Caesar cipher, a spartan scytale. Both codes were foreign to the competitors, making it a very friendly but overly competitive race for the prize.

Pie Bake Off: With four winning entries, the pie bake off was a great success. With many great mathematical and delicious looking pies, the winners created pi numbered party pies, two pies and an r (Circumference of a circle) and extremely tasty looking pies covered in mathematical symbols.

Ultimate Pi(er): Lana Komaromi (Year 6, O’Donnell) took out the prize for the ultimate pi(er), reciting eighty digits of pi. It was a tough competition between Lana and Jessica Lamb (Year 12, Byrne) but Jess was unable to compete with such tough competition.

Minty Challenge: Students battled it out to tear and create the longest minty rapper. Rebecca McIntyre (Year 12, Frayne) took out the prize with a length of 130cm. This one shall be added to Santa’s Book of Math Records.

Height Competition: In pairs, students tried to create the largest height difference between them. Niamh Smithies (Year 5, Dillon) and Rebecca McIntyre (Year 12, Frayne) took out the title for the largest height difference, which was impressively large.

Lego Competitions and Flexahexagons: Our lunchtimes were filled with intense competition and mind-boggling paper art. The results were impressive, however both activities were a lot harder than people first expected.

Are You Smarter Than A Third Grader?: Students of all ages were challenged by third grade questions. In a race against the clock and each other, the tension heated up. Lots of students participated, trying to succeed in getting five out of five questions correct, however, the questions proved to be too tough for many.


Lucinda Cahill (Year 11, O'Reilly)

2016 Academic Captain

Student Life

Junior School

Student Representative Council Elections

Late in August, Year 5 students were introduced to the election process for the Representative Council. Close to thirty girls took up the challenge of a written application outlining how they contribute to the life of the College. They outlined the activities they are involved in within their parishes and local community and then elaborated on their understanding of the College’s Mercy values of Hospitality, Compassion, Service, Justice and Excellence.

The candidates then prepared a short speech to be delivered to their Junior School House group, including their House Coordinator. The cohort then voted on the candidate they considered to be the most appropriate. I am pleased to announce the following are the newly elected Junior School Leaders.

These students will take over their Leadership roles in Term 4.

2015/2016 Junior School Leaders


Byrne Imogene Dzodz
Corbett Georgia Willett
de la Hoyde Gemma Andrews
Dillon Mia Halvorson
Frayne Abbey Winship
Kelly Jorja Reeve
O’Donnell Sienna Monck
O’Reilly Lauren De Smet

Open Night and Grandparents’ Morning Tea

The Junior School was a buzz of excitement late in August with the annual Open Night, followed the next morning by the Grandparents’ Mass and morning tea. The events were a great success and thanks go to many involved in ensuring the events ran smoothly. Special thanks to the Junior School teachers for their unwavering support and their detailed attention to the displays in their Homerooms. It was a tiring but very enjoyable couple of days!!

Mrs Andrea Dopson, Head of Junior School

















































Middle School

Year 9 Transition to Senior School

For the last two weeks of Term 4, Year 9 students will take part in a transition program to Senior School. This is an integral part of their final few weeks in Middle School. The girls will be on camp for one week of the program. The camp teaches them to take up opportunities that challenge them and takes them outside their comfort zone. They come back empowered and enthused knowing they can do so much more than they ever thought. They also get to develop and expand friendship groups in the camp setting. Camp groups will be completed at the end of this term, and girls will begin pre-camp activities in these groups early in Term 4. The other week is spent learning skills that are essential for their move into Senior School. In the program girls are taught about the expectations of a Senior School student. They are also taught ICT skills to help with study and planning and are given a refresher on study and revision skills. The girls receive strategies, which they practice to help maintain balance, calm and mindfulness in everyday life. I look forward to the Year 9s taking on the opportunities presented to them in this transition program with great enthusiasm.


Middle School Student Leadership

The new Years 8 and 9 Leaders for 2016 are listed below. They will have their leadership-training day, which includes their commissioning, on Thursday 17 September. Elections for Year 7 Leaders will take place early in 2016.

2015/2016 Middle School Leaders
Year 8 (2016) Year 9 (2016)
Byrne Megan Cranley & Madeleine Downing Georgia Piggot & Amelia Craddock
Corbett Genevieve Brown & Kate Loughnan Grace Ritchie & Kitriana Lim
de la Hoyde Gwyneth Chua & Molly Johns Rosie Lehane & Kate Collins
Dillon Jessica Praxl & Anna Uzonovic Grace Shearwood & Eliza Joyce
Frayne Chloe Correa & Gabrielle Eiden Kara Broadbridge & Amy Kerrigan
Kelly Sofia Scafetta & Holly Smith Isi Ogwu & Anna Burfoot
O’Donnell Tara Ralph & Charlotte Scurry Madeleine Anspach & Amelia Guidi
O’Reilly Jenna Clarke & Emily Gage Annalise Noble & Jessica Tan


Year 9 students had their Strive9 Implementation Day on Thursday 27 August. The girls and their Homeroom Teachers have worked so hard all year preparing for this day. I was so impressed with the efforts they have gone to in making this such a successful day. Parents are reminded that the students will be presenting their Strive9 journey to them on Thursday 24 September (invitations to come soon).

Thank you to all of the Year 9 students and staff under the great guidance of the Head of Year 9, Mrs Anne Fisher, for a successful implementation of the Strive9 Social Action Project. It has been a huge success for those the girls have helped, and for all the girls have learnt throughout this process.

Mrs Tracy Webster, Head of Middle School






































Boarding continues to be a very busy place. Last weekend we were lucky to have a roast on a spit, which was a lot of fun. Thank you to Martin and his catering team for doing this for us. It was very delicious. Also on matters catering, two of our students, Dannielle Wilhelm (Year 10, Byrne) and Kayla Dickins (Year 10, O’Donnell) helped out at the Parish Dinner last weekend. Thanks go to these two girls who did an outstanding job.

It is Field Day season and Santa Maria was at Newdegate last week. Next week we will be at Mingenew. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet our families closer to home and something Santa Maria very much values.

There has been a buzz of social activity with girls attending various functions recently; the Aquinas Dinner Dance and socials at PLC and Clontarf. On Monday night the Year 8 boarders who had undertaken the Image Power Course earlier in the year, had a celebratory meal to mark the completion of the course. It was a privilege to take the girls out and they enjoyed the evening so much there has been a request from them for a repeat of such an event. This weekend, we have the much awaited Aquinas Boarders Ball and of course we will be providing transport for those girls attending.

Hockey and netball are building up with finals fever, even in Boarding. The girls who have participated in the sporting fixtures throughout the season and attended training week in and week out can be proud of their achievements. We wish our finalists well this weekend.

Mrs Bernie Marshall has completed her time working in Boarding as Mrs Karen Goeman returns from leave. Karen is a very proud grandmother. She has been in Queensland welcoming her new grandson Darcy into the world. Our congratulations go to Karen and her family. Thank you to Bernie for the wonderful job she has done with the Ursula House boarders.

Parents are reminded the Boarding House will remain open for the Senior School Study Day next Tuesday 15 September. Leave forms for the September/October holidays have been sent home and parents are asked to please forward requests for transport as soon as they are able. The Boarding House will remain open over the holidays for our Year 12 boarders. Again, indication of when your daughters will be here will be very much appreciated.

There will be a Boarders Parent Meeting on the final day of term, Friday 25 September. A light lunch will be served and all are welcome. The meeting will commence at 11.00 am. I look forward to your company then.

Ms Linda Bulloch, Head of Boarding

For Parents

All students, family members and friends of the College are invited to come and have a look at the new state-of-the-art Consilii Centre this weekend. You are welcome to visit anytime between 11.00 am and 3.30 pm.

Sunday 13 September          Consilii Centre Walk Through         11.00 am – 3.30 pm


The Old Girls’ Association are holding their annual Mercy Day Mass this Sunday at 9.30 am in the College Chapel, prior to the Dance & Drama Showcase and Consilii Centre Walk Through. An invitation to Mass is extended to all members of the College Community.

Sunday 13 September          OGA Mass in College Chapel         9.30 am

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The Lowdown on the On-High for Parents

Wednesdays 2 – 16 September, 12.30 pm-1.00 pm

This course explores, with parents, questions of life, faith and meaning.


The Mystery of God and Suffering

Wednesdays 2 – 16 September, 7.30 pm-8.15 pm

If God is good, why is there so much suffering in the world? Why do prayers seem to go unanswered? Is there anything to be gained from suffering? This short course grapples with these ageless and ever-new questions.



The Lowdown on the On-High for Parents

Thursdays 5 – 19 November, 8.00 pm-8.30 pm

This course explores, with parents, questions of life, faith and meaning.


A Quick Tour of the New Testament

Thursdays 5 – 26 November, 11.00 am-12.00 pm

This course offers an overview of the Scriptures that formed and came out of the very beginnings of the Church. We will come to appreciate the New Testament anew as a vital means of encountering Jesus, who is the same yesterday, today and forever.

All online courses are user friendly! All you need is an internet connection.

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