Congratulations to Biance Petite (Year 8, Kelly) who recently represented Santa Maria College at the 2015 Champion Schools Triathlon event in
the junior section. She raced incredibly well and won the gold medal. Along with this she gained selection for nationals automatically, which
will be held in Queensland in 2016.

The following intervew and photo are courtesy of the Triathlon WA Facebook page.

Bianca Petite

The upcoming SunSmart Triathlon Series race at Hillarys on 13 December is not only the second race in the Senior State Championships but also the first race in the Junior State Championships. So let’s get to know some of these younger athletes who will be out there racing. Today we talk to Bianca Petite.

Name: Bianca Petite
Age Group: 12/13 Enticer (Junior)
Club: Fremantle Triathlon Club (Coached by Eclipse Fitness)

How did you get into triathlon?
My family friends told us about the Trystars program that was being held down at the Applecross foreshore, so I decided that I would give triathlons a try. I never regret making that choice, as I have slowly gotten better over the years at the sport. I also got in to triathlon through swimming. Since I had done swimming for so many years, and was quite good at it, triathlon was just something different and new I could try. 

What do you love most about this sport? The challenge of not just doing one but three different disciplines in a race.

What are your race expectations/goals for 2015/16?  
The goals and achievements I want to achieve in the triathlon season this year is to become the triathlete of the year and to race really well in each race. I also want to be able to show Stuart my coach from Eclipse Fitness that I am capable of anything that is thrown at me and that I can make changes to things that need to be changed to improve my races further.

What is your favorite race?
My favourite race has always been the Hillarys triathlon. Whenever I race down at Hillarys my results are always really strong. I won my first junior race down at Hillarys. Hillarys also has the challenges of the hills. 

Describe the sport in 1 sentence: 
One race, three stages, one challenge.

Congratulations Bianca, we wish you well in the nationals in 2016.